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Finally, a non-invasive procedure to reduce the look of spider veins
Spider veins are not only a cosmetic concern – they can be painful, as well.
When unwanted blood vessels make their appearance on our skin they are called spider veins. A spider vein can appear on our face as facial veins, on our cheeks, across our nose, or along our forehead.  In some cases, when spider veins appear on our legs then can make us insecure about wearing bathing suites, shorts or skirts.
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Laser treatment of spider veins is a highly effective way to reduce and remove the visible blood vessels in the skin. With little downtime Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser treatment of spider veins can often be  instantaneous and dramatic.
Spider Veins Cape Cod

Spider vein removal over a large area, such as legs, may require a series of 3 to 6 laser treatments for satisfactory results. The vessels that are removed during the treatment are abnormal and not required for proper function of the body. They actually function abnormally, and once removed, are replaced by healthy vessels beneath the skin.
Spider vein laser treatments
A special guide piece acts as a filter to use specific wavelengths of light to target spider veins. This light passes through the top layer of skin, electrocoagulating spider veins. In most cases 2 to 4 visits greatly diminishes or eliminates spider veins.
Spider Vein treatments on Cape Cod
" Restless night are a thing of the past. Thank you Carlton!"
"Some nights the swelling, itching & burning in my legs keep me up most of the night. I knew others who had struggled with Spider Veins before. On the advice of a friend I scheduled a consultation with Carlton. Carlton was super, he told me I would see improvement after a few treatments and he was right. Restless night are a thing of the past. Thank you Carlton! -ST
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