"I used to walk around with my head tilted down trying to hide the hairs on my chin. I felt self conscious at the dentist with my chin in the spotlight. Now I hold my head up high....I still don't like going to the dentist, but not for the same reason. Thank you Carl. I love what you've done. I feel beautiful!! I wish I'd done this years ago."
- Judy

"Carlton is fair, straightforward and very know-ledgeable. He uses a variety of techniques I didn’t even know existed to get to the root of every problem!
He and his wife Lyn run a friendly, flexible, personal business that is hard to find these days. I would recommend it to anyone!"
- Angela

"I have been having electrolysis for over 15 years. I have never made more progress than in my last four or five visits with Carlton Neuben. The blend method that he provides works dramatically better for me than any other method I have encountered."
- M.S.

“My experience with Carlton Neuben was excellent. I had hair removal on my bikini area and love the results. Even after the first treatment I began to see results, then it just got better and better. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend laser treatment to anyone with unwanted hair.”

“After having children and getting older I had issues with my bikini area, ingrown hairs and red bumps. I would find myself thinking & worrying about it all the time. I tried many methods of hair removal.
Nothing worked! Finally I contacted Carlton Neuben and set up an appointment.
A year later, the results are FABULOUS ! It really made me happy and gave me confidence I lost.
Thank you.”
- Michele

“I have been seeing Carlton Neuben for about five months, and it has had such an impact on my life! I tried electrology elsewhere in the past, recently for a year and a half straight, with bleak results. After the first time I saw Carlton for laser hair removal, I could see and feel the difference. After five visits, the embarrassing hair that I have frivolously worked on for years is almost completely gone!”
- RS

“Every day getting up my first thought was my hair problem. I would be thinking about it until I went to bed that night. Now I don’t even think of it since I started going to Carlton. I have been going about a year now, and I can’t believe all those years of worrying when it could have been gone.”
- LT

“Results of the laser hair removal on my bikini area have been incredible. I didn’t expect to see such noticeable results so quickly and with so little time spent in the office. After only a few visits I can see I will be tossing my razor soon, and no more bumps!”

“I had tried bleaching my facial hair,
but it only made the hair reflect the light and call attention to it. Waxing was too painful. I tried plucking, but I couldn’t keep up, and I always had small pimple-like infections. After only three visits for electrolysis, my face is noticeably clearer of unwanted hair, and the hair that has grown back is much softer in texture. I am very happy I finally tried electrolysis.”

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“I have had electrolysis before with two other operators. I had a total of three years, on and off, but I have never experienced results like this. I’ve been visiting Carlton Neuben for three and a half months and the results are spectacular. I feel it has been quick and effective as well as cost effective.” “It has changed my life. I was tweezing every day and I work with the public and had to be meticulous with my tweezing. Carlton Neuben’s consultation was very thorough, and he taught me how to schedule my appointments so no tweezing was necessary, because his clean-ups were extremely thorough.”
“The first thing I noticed was that the hairs became far softer, less coarse and grew more slowly—they completely disappeared on my chin with the exception of a little fuzz which he is finishing. To think of all the years I wasted tweezing every morning! Now I am free of that, and I can spend time doing things I want which gives me so much more confidence.”
“Unwanted hair shouldn’t be an issue in any woman’s life, and I thank you, Carlton.

“After years of tweezing the hairs from my chin, I had turned into a compulsive plucker desperate for help. I tried waxing, shaving, a home electrolysis kit and laser treatments, all of which didn’t work.” “When I made the decision to try electrolysis, I was skeptical. A consultation with Carlton Neuben explained in detail the process, the time involved and the cost. I made the commitment and began treatment—one hour each week for eight months, then one hour every two weeks, progressing to 45 minutes every three weeks.” “It has taken me a year and a half to be free of every stubborn facial hair on my chin and chin line permanently. I am very grateful to Carlton Neuben for being a skilled electrologist, for being honest and for having the patience of a saint.”
- Diane